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NCI Services

NCI is responsible for the administration of a portfolio of networking, communications, and security tools to manage, monitor, and provision access to the campus wired/wireless infrastructure for all campus users. NCI will provide network administration for remote user access, and technology implementation for data networking and IT security communications. Each Department within NCI will support the greater mission of the division, adhere to the strategic priorities of the University and Information Technology, and provide specific areas of support and management of their areas.

Systems and Server Administration (SSA)

Systems and Server Administration provides implementation, monitoring, backup and support for all server and client/server applications for the university. WSSU provides a robust server infrastructure for its students, faculty and staff, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as VMware for efficient use of server hardware resources. This group continues to strive to provide world-class systems availability support and expertise in the high demand systems such as Email, Web, Banner, Blackboard, Sharepoint, VMware and others. SSA also administers the systems that runs many departmental and research applications.

Finally, SSA manages, monitors, and implements the systems that run high availability systems such as database management systems, data warehousing servers, file access services, data backups, and virtual desktop environments.

Telecommunications Services (Telecom)

Telecommunication Services is responsible for providing the design, support, management, implementation, and high availability of the campus voice and cable TV infrastructure. This includes the processing of all installation, move, adds, and changes (IMAC) requests for voice (university and cellular), and cable TV service for all administrative buildings and residence halls on campus. Telecom also provides phone support for a number of the university’s off campus affiliates.

Finally, Telecom is responsible for the outside plant fiber optic communications cabling between buildings on campus that supply connectivity between buildings. An extremely customer-driven department, Telecom seeks to provide the most stable and reliable phone and outside plant system available to our campus users.

Networking and Security Services (NSS)

The Networking and Security Services department is responsible for the installation, monitoring, management, and development of the campus wired and wireless infrastructure on campus. This
includes cabling, monitoring and management of wireless networks such as RamStudent, RamGuest, and RamSecure; remote user (VPN) access; inside building data cabling and connectivity; management and monitoring of our campus Internet gateway; provide network firewall management, user access management and bandwidth monitoring.

Finally, NSS will provide management and monitoring of the campus network performance, bandwidth, accessibility to insure a high level of communications is available for standard and mobile users needing access to campus resources on or off campus. NSS strives to provide a high level of reliability and access to critical systems, applications, servers, and Internet communications through a high bandwidth stable and secure network infrastructure.

Access Services

The access services department will combine RamCard services and camera surveillance services to provide an umbrella support for physical user access and movement around campus. Access services works with facilities, business services, housing, and other departments to create a platform that allows students, faculty/staff, and specialized users access to the locations they require for events, administrative access, and housing locations for students. Through the administration of the RamCard access system, students are tied in to the appropriate plans and access availability to their needed locations.

Finally within the administration of the overall physical security access portfolio, access services, in conjunction with the IT Server Administration department , monitors and maintains the campus surveillance camera system. This system helps to provide physical user security in all indoor and outdoor spaces on campus including parking lots and residence halls.