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Core Services

The CEEHD is organized via four core areas to achieve our overall mission and goals.

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides infrastructure and resources for the CEEHD and is responsible for the ongoing planning, coordination, oversight, and evaluation of all activities. Specific activities of the Administrative Core include:

  • Overall CEEHD leadership and coordination
  • Overseeing CEEHD membership structure
  • Promoting and nurturing interdepartmental, interdisciplinary, and cross-campus exchange and communication

Training and Research/Scholarship Core

The Training and Research Scholarship Core is responsible for providing learning experiences and support for undergraduate, graduate students, and junior faculty to develop and increase research capacity and skills. This core is responsible for advising the Administrative Core, disseminating information, promoting collaboration among projects and supporting new researchers in the Center. Specific activities of the Training and Research/Scholarship Core include:

  • Providing scholarship support for writing/presentations for professional and lay audiences
    • Establishing and overseeing writing accountability teams
  • Organizing and conducting research development workshops
  • Administering and overseeing the CEEHD seed grant program
  • Assisting with converting internal support to extramural funding
  • Convening research teams and developing collaborative grant/project proposals
  • Convene and manage grant writing teams
  • Create and manage online "bulletin board" for collaborative writing tasks
  • Convene and manage internal grant review process, including mock study section

Project Management Core

The goal of the Project Management Core is to provide leadership, infrastructure, oversight, and support for the implementation of health disparities/health equity-focused research projects conducted by CEEHD faculty and affiliates. The Project Management Core will oversee projects funded through the CEEHD seed grant program. Specific activities of the Project Management Core include:

  • Pre- and post-award support for grant development and grant management
    • Creating and monitoring budgets; Creating and monitoring
      contracts; Compiling materials for grant submissions (e.g.,
      biosketches, checklists, subcontract materials)
    • Overseeing and monitoring grant compliance
  • Project staffing
    • Direct project staffing for project funded through the CEEHD
    • Assistance with hiring, training, and overseeing project staff for projects conducted by CEEHD affiliates
  • Data management
  • Data analysis

Community Engagement Core

The purpose of the Community Engagement Core is to facilitate community-based participatory research and community engagement, and enhance the translation of research and technological developments to community members and key community stakeholders. The Community Engagement Core also seeks to continuously develop a pipeline of capable and effective researchers and practitioners by fostering student participation in leadership in community engaged activities and experiences. Specific activities of the Community Engagement Core include:

  • Establishing and fostering collaborative and mutually beneficial community partnerships
  • Establishing and fostering collaborative and mutually beneficial participant and
    stakeholder engagement
  • Establishing and fostering meaningful and mutually beneficial student community
    engagement experiences