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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Chemistry is everywhere around us—from the food we eat to the fuel in our cars to the stars we observe in the sky. Are you fascinated by the science of chemistry and investigating the interconnectedness of our universe? If so, earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Winston-Salem State University is the first and most important step you can take to find jobs in chemistry that will challenge and reward you every day. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from WSSU also uniquely prepares you for prestigious graduate programs to continue mastering the science of chemistry in exciting jobs while earning a higher salary.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry options at Winston-Salem State University

Chemistry is an amazingly diverse field. That’s why we offer four concentrations that let you tailor your educational experience to your personal and professional interests. While every chemistry degree major will build a solid foundation in science, you can choose to concentrate on:

If you’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree outside the Department of Chemistry, you can add our chemistry degree minor option to make your degree even more versatile and add a new perspective to your main interests.



Earn Your Chemistry Degree at Winston-Salem State University

When you earn your bachelor’s degree in chemistry from WSSU, you choose to follow your passion for learning and uncovering the secrets behind every facet of our world. Be on the frontlines of cutting-edge research in chemistry and work alongside distinguished faculty and likeminded peers.

Get hands-on experience in chemistry

Put your knowledge to work in a Capstone Experience course. Work with a faculty member as part of a directed research course or, as a junior or a senior, try your hand at teaching your peers in certain lower-level courses to gain valuable experience in public speaking and scientific presentation.

Published and industry-connected faculty

Work closely with chemistry degree faculty who are experts in fields as diverse as organic/inorganic synthesis, forensic chemistry, computational chemistry and more. They are committed to student-centered learning and will work with you both during your time at WSSU and after as you look for jobs in chemistry.

State-of-the-art chemistry labs

Dive deep into the science of chemistry in our new Sciences Building, which is outfitted with the latest research tools and teaching lab space. Collaborate and brainstorm with other chemistry degree majors in a cutting-edge facility designed to foster creativity and productivity.

What You Can Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

Earning your chemistry degree from WSSU opens the door to a wide array of exciting chemistry careers. Graduates of WSSU’s bachelor’s degree in chemistry program go on to satisfying chemistry careers in private companies, non-profit organizations, environmental services and governmental agencies—to name just a few.

Many students continue studying the science of chemistry in prestigious advanced chemistry degree programs around the nation and become nurses, veterinarians, doctors and pharmacists.

Here are just some of the jobs in chemistry you can look forward to after graduation:

Career outlook for chemistry degree program graduates

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 6% growth for jobs in chemistry over the next decade, with over 9,000 new jobs being added each year. Now is an ideal time to begin your chemistry career.

Explore Classes for the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

When you study the science of chemistry at Winston-Salem State University, you’ll build a solid foundation of knowledge in topics such as organic and in organic chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science and up-to-date research methods. The balance of theory and hands-on experience you’ll find at WSSU prepares you for graduate programs and a career in the fast-growing field of chemistry.

Here are just some of the courses you’ll take when you earn your chemistry degree at WSSU:

View the full chemistry degree program requirements and course catalog.


Your Experience as a Chemistry Degree Program Major at Winston-Salem State

Student Life at WSSU

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Support and Resources Available to You

Earning your bachelor’s degree in chemistry from WSSU is about so much more than a high-quality educational experience—it’s also about joining one of the top 25 HBCUs in the country. Be a part of our thriving Ramily of peers, alumni and faculty who share your love of science and learning. We offer several student associations and societies to help you make lasting professional and personal connections.

You’ve chosen to dedicate your education to preparing for a chemistry career, and the cost of college shouldn’t hinder you from reaching your professional goals. That’s why we provide a scholarship exclusively for chemistry degree majors, in addition to university-wide financial aid.

Learn more about chemistry degree program financial aid options.


As you earn your bachelor’s degree in chemistry at WSSU, you’ll benefit from the constant support of a team of dedicated counselors and advisors who will help you succeed every day—from orientation to graduation.

From your first day you’ll have access to an Academic Success Counselor who will help you plan your courses and get you through all your General Education requirements.

Work with your peers and get inspired every day in The Ideas Lab @ The College, where open workspaces foster collaboration and imagination.

Learn more about the Department of Chemistry




Take the Next Step

When you choose a chemistry degree from WSSU, you choose to follow your passion—you choose excellence.

Join a growing community of scholars and #BeTheNext researcher who uncovers life’s mysteries or the next teacher who inspires greatness.

My experience at WSSU has been indescribable! I’ve developed several relationships with both peers and faculty members that will follow me throughout my lifetime.

Sydney N., Chemistry B.S.

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