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Campus Beat

Process for “Campus Beat” Features

  1. The weekly email “Campus Beat” is sent each Monday morning during the academic year (fall and spring semester, and excluding break periods) to students only, focusing only on student-focused events. This is not sent to faculty and staff, nor are the events included intended for faculty or staff-only.  The purpose of this email is to highlight a brief list of events from Monday through the following Sunday.  All events occurring within the following week are not included, as this is an abbreviated list.
  2. Requests are limited to WSSU Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) and Campus Departments. Requests from non-WSSU entities will not be accommodated. Advertised events cannot serve alcohol or encourage substance use. 
  3. RSO's and Campus Departments with RAMSync pages do not need to contact with event feature requests. Events are pulled from RAMSynch for inclusion in the Campus Beat, when space is available. Additional events may be pulled from one of the various event calendars hosted through WSSU.
    1. Campus Departments may request a RAMSync page by contacting Katrina McCoy Scott at It is highly recommended campus departments who organize events frequently do this to maximize publicity efforts. If your Campus Department organizes events more sporadically (i.e., a few times a semester, once a year, etc.), you may continue contacting with event information at least 10 days prior to the Campus Beat publication in which you wish your event to be featured. 
  4. Events held by RSO's will only be considered if they have been submitted within RAMSync and approved by USAE. All RSO's have RAMSync pages. 
  5. If you an event to be featured on Campus Beat social media, please follow and tag @wssuusae on Instagram whenever you post about your event. 


Events Not Included in the Campus Beat Email

Why was my event not shown on the Campus Beat weekly email?

  • Due to the high amount of events each week, it may not be possible to showcase every event. For events not included in the Campus Beat email, we will try to promote it on the @wssuusae Instagram page when @wssuusae is tagged. We recommend using additional publicity resources to maximize your outreach.