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Student Organizations

Winston-Salem State University boasts over 100 registered student organizations catering to a diverse range of social interests. Engaging in campus organizations offers a rewarding and educational experience. Joining a student organization comes with numerous benefits, including making friends, honing new skills, being part of a team, setting and achieving goals, and simply enjoying oneself.

We are committed to supporting students in assuming leadership roles within their organizations by acquainting them with the available resources at Winston-Salem State University. Explore the RamSync Directory below to discover a plethora of involvement opportunities. For further details on these opportunities, getting involved, or staying updated on on-campus activities, visit RamSync.

For more information or assistance with your student organization, please contact Kambre Stephens, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Community Engagement in University Student Activities & Engagement., located in Donald Julian Reaves Student Center - Office 204E - (336) 750 -8041 or

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