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Winston-Salem State University provides several means which a student may address complaints and grievances. Students are advised to put their concerns in writing and carefully document the events that led to the complaint or grievance. Refer to Student Grievance and Appeals Procedures for more information. Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible after the event occurs; some of the procedures below have specific deadlines for filing grievances or complaints.

For questions about the student compliant or grievance process for online and Distance Education courses or programs at Winston-Salem State University, please contact Senior Associate Provost, Dr. Carolynn Berry by mail at 601 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., 202 Blair Hall, Winston-Salem, NC 27110, by email via, or by phone at 336-750-2200

If a complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting Winston-Salem State University's procedure described above, the student may file a complaint with the following agencies:

  • Students not residing in North Carolina and enrolled in a North Carolina institution that operates under SARA North Carolina may submit complaints to NCSEAA only after completing the complaint process established by the institution attended by the student. We direct you to SARA-North Carolina and to the Complaint Process page. SARA-NC Contact Information:

    SARA North Carolina
    North Caroline State Education Assistance Authority
    P.O. Box 14103
    Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
    T: (855) SARA-1-NC (727-2162)
    T: (919) 549-8614, ext. 4667
    SARA NC Complaint Form
    SARA NC Compliant email address:
    SARA NC Compliant information email address: 

Professional Licensure Disclosure Statement

All applicable WSSU academic programs prepare students to sit for licensure in North Carolina. Please contact the respective academic department regarding licensure.