• To align the EHS Department with the University Strategic Plan to strive for, in as much as possible, an environment free from known or recognized hazards.
  • To maintain a direction that drives toward constant improvement in the area of occupational hygiene.


The EHS Department is committed to the overall health and safety of University community and vows to resolve any concerns impacting this area as it relates to University affairs in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Staff and students are encouraged to address questions involving EHS issues to a member of the Department. In the event a Staff member is not immediately available, the notification form is provided to submit individual questions or concerns. Upon completion of the form an electronic notification is generated that is forwarded to the EHS Director and the EHS Officer in real time. This allows for issues to be addressed promptly and confidentially at the generator's discretion.

Vision Statement

Winston-Salem State University is committed to assuring the Students, Faculty, Staff, and Visitors are provided an environment that fosters excellence in the process, administration, and achievement of higher learning. We strive for such goals as part of our culture. The Environmental Health and Safety Department, in alignment with these efforts, seeks to offer timely and precise consultative services to University leadership on matters involving safety, health, and occupational hygiene. In the fulfillment of these goals, the EHS Department seeks to embrace principles at the cutting edge of matters related to safety, health, environmental and occupational hygiene that impact University business.

Mission Statement

In conjunction with the Mission of Winston-Salem State University, the Environmental Health & Safety Department is committed to the identification, assessment of suitability, and application of practices and activities that enhance the overall occupational safety and health of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of our University. In fulfilling such tasks, the Department operates under and reports to the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration. The Department is committed to engaging in research, practices, and duties that support the provision of professional expertise that enhances an environment which embraces work practices that identify and promote activities that are conducive with an environment free from known and reasonably expected hazards consistent with the occupational environment of an academic setting.

Strategic Plan

  • Through partnership and routine interaction, the EHS Department seeks to serve as the University's authority on matters involving safety and health in the learning environment
  • Responding to both routine and complex requests
  • Interface with various University Committees to appropriately address concerns
  • Use of available resources to provide premium customer service to the University and constituents
  • Provide Expert Professional Consultative Services to Students, Faculty, Staff & Visitors

Core Values

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Alignment with University Mission and Vision
  • Consistently Administering all EHS Based Programs
  • Commitment to Helping Students, Faculty, Staff & Visitors
  • Continual Evolvement of EHS Practices, Methods, & Goals to remain at the Forefront of Innovations in the EHS Arena