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Facilities Management will design, build and manage the facilities and infrastructure that support innovative teaching and learning practices, expanded basic and applied research, and the University’s commitment to community engagement.

Facilities is responsible for routine maintenance, general non-routine maintenance and operations of the University physical buildings. These funds are intended to maintain the University's facilities as originally constructed and/or subsequently renovated.

Customer Service Center

The primary mission of the Customer Service Center is to support the goals and objectives of Facilities Management and Operations as it serves the university, while also providing information and support to the faculty and staff, concerning facilities maintenance, repairs, and renovations. The Customer Service Center serves as a central point of contact for customers and facilities operations, ensuring that problems and concerns are communicated to work groups in a fast and efficient manner.

One of the Customer Service Center’s goals is to build and maintain a trusting relationship between customers and the Work Order Process. While customers should submit work requests through the RAMSupport system, the Customer Services Center can assist with this process. 

  • Receiving and entering work requests for internal and external customers
  • Streamlining work orders, answer questions and address customer needs
  • Coordinating and monitoring campus work requests
  • Monitoring open work requests for timely completion and customer satisfaction
  • Managing Customer Service Survey Program
  • Collecting performance data
  • Providing analysis and reports; ensuring 2-week charge backs on work orders
  • Managing the Vehicle Repair Shop and technicians
  • Providing oversight of Shop Inventory to meet technicians needs