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Financial Services

The mission of the University Controller is to provide accountability of university resources and to provide financial information so as to maximize the utilization of those assets. The Controller's department is committed to providing quality, efficient and timely customer service to the university community in compliance with university, federal and state regulations, and The University of North Carolina system policies and procedures.

The department consists of two functional areas: Accounting operations that includes Disbursement Services, Student Accounts, Purchasing and Payroll; and Financial Reporting which consists of General Ledger, State Funds Accounting, Capital Improvement Accounting, Trust Funds Accounting, Endowment Accounting, Debt Service Accounting, Fixed Assets Accounting, and fiscal reporting.

Student Account & Cashiering

Student Accounts & Cashiering provides all financial management and accounting for university students, which includes billing student tuition and fees, processing payments for tuition and fees, processing adjustments on accounts and issuing disbursements.


Payroll Services works to provide timely and accurate payments to all the employees of Winston-Salem State University.


Purchasing strive to assist our customers to identify,select and acquire quality goods and services at competitive pricing.

Disbursement Services

The primary purpose of the Disbursement Services unit is to pay vendor invoices, employee reimbursements and travel expenditures efficiently and accurately.