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Design and Construction

Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) is responsible for administering the planning, design and construction of most university projects completed by contractors. FDC is also responsible for the implementation of the University's Physical Master Plan. Likewise, FDC is responsible for providing guidelines and direction for all architectural (exterior and interior) issues involving University facilities.

The types of projects that require the involvement of FDC:

  • Major Building Renovations
    • architectural and building systems renovations
    • repairs to campus roads and parking lots
    • repairs to campus utility systems
    • performance energy contracts
  • Construction of New Facilities
  • Engineering and Feasibility Studies
  • Space Planning Studies
  • Campus-wide Aesthetic Considerations
    • sculpture installations
    • building signage
    • exterior material selection
  • Special Projects Unit

To obtain a status report on a project call 336-750-2882.