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Space Committee and Space Planning

All University buildings and land belong to the University as a whole and are subject to assignment and reassignment to meet the institution's overall priorities and needs. The University Space Committee (USC) will make decisions concerning the use and renovation of space; the allocation of existing space; and planning for future allocation needs. The Provost is responsible for allocations of all university space including off-campus rental space in consultation with the USC. Decisions are made after careful consideration of all relevant factors and consultation with the units involved. Relevant factors include: adherence to the master plan, compatibility with existing use of space, university strategic priority and cost. The University Space Committee (USC), which is chaired by the Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, approves all allocations of university space and off-campus rental space, except for space allocations in Blair Hall, which are approved by the Chancellor. Each college, school and division is encouraged to establish a Local Space Committee to consider and prioritize local needs and discuss space requests to be made to the University Space Committee. The Local Space Committee will work to implement decisions made by the USC.

Members of the University Space Committee are appointed by the Chancellor. Current members of the USC are:

  • Mr. Jesse Batten, Assistant Vice Chancellor – Business & Auxiliaries 
  • Mr. Jamar Banks, Interim AVC Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Dr. Carolynn Berry, Associate Provost
  • Ms. Annia Colas, Student Representative
  • Dr. Anthony Graham, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Ms. Valerie Howard, Director of Sponsored Programs
  • Ms. Camille Kluttz-Leach, Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff
  • Mr. Jimmy Norwood, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Facilities Management
  • Ms. Constance Mallette, Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration
  • Mr. Timothy McMullen, Director Design & Construction
  • Ms. London Mickle, Recorder
  • Mr. Derrick Murray, Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Wilbourne Rusere, Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Planning
  • Dr. Bodiford Stackhouse, Chair of the Faculty Senate
  • Ms. Letitia Wall, Associate Provost for Administration and Planning
  • Ms. Carmen Wigfall, Associate Registrar
  • Mrs. Leslie Winbush, President of Staff Senate

The USC is staffed by the Facilities Planning and Engineering Office. For information regarding the USC, please contact Mr. Tim McMullen at 336-750-3494.