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Emergency Repairs

NOTE: For emergency repair work in residence halls, please follow emergency repair procedures established by the Division of Student Affairs.

An emergency repair request DOES REQUIRE you to enter an Online Service Request, but can be called in to Facilities at extension 2850 during regular business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday). After normal working hours, weekends and holidays, calls should be made to extension 2858. Personnel are dispatched as soon as possible to address the emergency.

Since maintenance personnel are often out on campus or away from their desks, please do not call any other number or send emails for emergencies.

Emergencies are defined as "any disaster, unusual occurrence, utility malfunction or equipment failure that presents imminent danger to life and limb or property or the continuation of vital programs which require immediate action."

Please be mindful of this definition when determining whether the work meets the definition of emergency repairs.

Examples of emergency repairs:

  • Water flowing or overflowing from water closets, sinks, or pipes that would cause physical damage to building structure and or equipment.
  • Power failure (not from use of space heaters which are against state fire code for use in office areas).
  • Lighting effecting office operations or security.
  • Malfunction of exterior building doors that prevent locking the building or prevent emergency egress.