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Keying and Electronic Cards

Keying is handled through maintenance per the Lock Shop. Read below to determine how to request locksmith services for keys and/or doors repairs.

Keying and Electronic Cards

  • pre-loaner key: key checked out by the user and returned upon an agreed time
  • single key: key that allows one (1) entry
  • pass key: key that allows entry into more than one area (i.e. - office suite and office door)
  1. Complete key form along with a work request to FSC; your work request will become one work order and sent to the Lock Shop. All signatures must be provided to proceed. Please remember that missing information on the form may cause a delay in the timely processing of key requests.**
  2. When keys are made they will be issued to the Building Coordinator or department head. By accepting these keys, I am accepting full financial responsibility for any cost that may be incurred due to the loss or theft of these keys. These keys are the property of Winston-Salem State University and these keys must be returned upon request or upon termination of employment or enrollment, or upon transfer to another department or program.

Key Guidance Policy

  1. Problem key(s) must be hand delivered (do not mail) to the LOCKSMITH SERVICES or arrangements made by the key holder for a Locksmith to pick-up.
  2. The responsible Department Head (DH), Supervisor (Sup) or Building Coordinator (BC) shall complete this form to report Lost, Stolen or Unreturned keys to Locksmith Services after reporting this to Campus Police and obtaining a Campus Police Report. LOST, STOLEN, OR UNRETURNED KEYS MUST BE PROMPTLY REPORTED TO CAMPUS POLICE and a copy of the Campus Police Report is required with this completed form. If needed a separate Key & E-Key Request must be completed before replacement of lost, stolen or unreturned keys can be made.
  3. The Original Key Holder needs to complete a Key Return & E-Key Cancellation form in full and return keys to their Supervisor. The Supervisor of the New Key Holder needs to complete a Key Transfer form in full, obtain departmental approval signature per authorized level, and assign key(s) to the New Key Holder.
  4. Key Return & E-Key Cancellation: obtain appropriate signature(s) and then hand deliver (Do not mail) form with the key(s) to LOCKSMITH SERVICES or arrangements are to be made by the key holder for a Locksmith to pick up. If an E-Key Cancellation, obtain appropriate signature(s), then mail, e-mail/scan, FAX, or hand deliver form to the Ram Card department.
  5. For additional key requests that cannot fit on the form, use another form labeling it page 2, 3… etc.
  6. Keys will be issued to the supervisor or Building Coordinator of the person to whom keys were requested. The Lock Shop is responsible for picking up the requested keys at the Physical Plant building. The Building Coordinator and Department Head will be required to sign a form indicating that the keys have been issued. The Building Coordinator or Department Head is responsible for asking the employee to sign for any keys issued.
  7. Master keys and change keys will be issued to the Building Coordinator only. The only exception is that keys may be issued to the Vice Chancellor responsible for the particular building.
  8. Select Facilities Maintenance staff may be issued master keys necessary for the performance of their duties.
  9. Students must request keys to residence halls and student areas through the Hall Director and Housing Office.
  10. Change keys should be issued to faculty and staff by the Building Coordinator based on continuous need for access to specific rooms within a particular building. Change keys may be issued to students where an area is specifically assigned to a student group.
  11. Grand master keys will be issued to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Campus Police and limited Facilities staff.
  12. It is very important to retrieve keys from faculty, staff and students when they separate from the University. The Building Coordinator should insure that keys are retrieved and returned to the Physical Plant Building/Facilities/Lock Shop.
  13. Lost keys jeopardize building security systems; therefore, each key holder should use extreme care to maintain keys that are issued to him/her.
  14. Building keys do not include keys for desks, file cabinets etc. These are the responsibility of the requesting department and must be purchased (check, fund information or cash). Facilities will facilitate this (pick-up and delivery) if requested.