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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

It can be challenging to decide which degree is best for you when you have a wide range of interests, and some career goals can’t be met with just one traditional college major. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could customize your studies, Winston-Salem State University’s bachelor’s of interdisciplinary studies offers you the freedom to do just that. Interdisciplinary studies is a highly customizable degree program that allows you to combine coursework from two or more academic areas of interest.

Today’s employers are looking for versatile applicants with a diverse set of skills. When you choose an interdisciplinary studies degree at Winston-Salem State University you’ll learn writing, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will set you apart from the crowd. Jobs for interdisciplinary studies graduates are many and varied due to the diverse knowledge and skills you’ll gain.

What makes Winston-Salem State University one of the top schools for interdisciplinary studies? At WSSU, you’ll earn a broad-based education grounded in the arts, humanities and sciences, and have the freedom to explore multiple areas of interest. Graduate with advanced communication and research skills that give you the adaptability you need to meet the complex challenges of tomorrow.

Interdisciplinary Studies degree options at Winston-Salem State University

WSSU’s bachelor’s of interdisciplinary studies isn’t just for incoming freshmen interested in multiple areas. It’s a great choice for transfer students looking to apply their credits and graduate on time and busy professionals seeking to earn a degree on their own schedule.

Flexibility of subject matter isn’t the only freedom you’ll enjoy with this program. Interdisciplinary studies degree students at WSSU can choose to attend full- or part-time, on campus, online or in a hybrid format.

The Department of Liberal Studies offers an Integrative Studies Concentration as a distance learning option in our interdisciplinary studies degree. Upon completion of general education requirements, you can take all of our upper-level integrative studies courses fully online.


Earn Your Interdisciplinary Studies Degree at Winston-Salem State University

WSSU’s bachelor’s of interdisciplinary studies program gives you the key to a world of possibilities. Explore multiple academic subjects as you build a specialization that includes a broad range of knowledge and creative thinking skills that employers value. You’ll be ready for real-world success with the benefits of an expanded perspective, enhanced cooperative skills and preparation for multiple career paths.

Forge your own flexible path

Can’t decide between biology and business? Interested in the intersection of computer science and psychology? With an interdisciplinary studies degree, you don’t have to choose. WSSU’s BIS program allows for optimal flexibility in your course selection and academic focus. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to complete your program online

Collaborate with engaging and innovative faculty

Our faculty play a key role in making WSSU a top school for interdisciplinary studies. We’re committed to providing an inclusive, supportive and collaborative cross-disciplinary educational environment for all of our students.

Open the door to opportunity

As you study across disciplines and learn how their foundations integrate, you may discover career paths you hadn’t yet considered. Employers are looking for candidates with excellent problem-solving, communication, leadership and teamwork skills. The range of jobs for interdisciplinary studies graduates is unlimited, and you’ll have a solid foundation for success in any field.

What You Can Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Your interdisciplinary studies education will incorporate multiple areas of study, giving you a range of skills — the sky’s the limit for jobs for interdisciplinary studies majors. Earning your degree at WSSU will help you ignite your passion: You’ll discover your strengths and prepare to apply them in a range of professional opportunities. Our graduates pursue careers in fields such as:

Our bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies is also a great jumping-off point for a graduate or professional degree of your choosing.

Career outlook for Interdisciplinary Studies graduates

Your WSSU degree opens the door to many rewarding and high-demand jobs for interdisciplinary studies majors. Your degree will make you a great fit for a diverse range of jobs, from government research to human services to administrative positions in health care and more.

Employment in education, training and library jobs, for example, is projected to grow 10% over the next decade, according to recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

More than 59,000 openings for social and human assistants are projected each year through 2030, representing a 17% growth — much greater than the average for all occupations.

Explore Classes for the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

In WSSU’s BIS program, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of research, writing and presentation through foundational courses in your primary and secondary areas of study. You’ll also be able to choose electives that meet your individual interests and career goals, including:

View the full interdisciplinary studies program requirements and course catalog.

Your Experience as an Interdisciplinary Studies Major at Winston-Salem State

Student Life at WSSU

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Support and Resources Available to You

Join our “Ramily” to make lifelong connections in our diverse and welcoming community. Ranked among the top 10 HBCUs Changing the World by College Magazine, WSSU fosters an environment that empowers our students with a shared passion for addressing complex issues and challenging injustice.

More than 90% of WSSU students receive some form of financial aid to help pay for college. Your degree is an investment in your future, and we take pride in connecting you to your best options for scholarships, grants, loans, and more. Payscale’s Best Value Colleges ranks WSSU among the nation’s top universities for annual return on investment, making us one of the top schools for interdisciplinary studies.

Learn more about all your options for paying for college at WSSU.


In our interdisciplinary studies degree program, you’ll be supported by caring advisors and mentors through every step of your academic career and beyond. Our Student Success Technologies offers support to equip you with the best tools and resources to be successful at WSSU. When it’s time to think about your next steps, WSSU Career Development Services can help you with strategies and skills to distinguish yourself as a professional.

Learn more about the Department of Liberal Studies.

Take the Next Step

Build a well-rounded undergraduate degree that gives you the freedom and flexibility to #BeTheNext leader in the career of your dreams at WSSU, one of the top schools for interdisciplinary studies.

Becoming an interdisciplinary studies major was the greatest decision I made at WSSU. It gave me an opportunity to follow my dreams of becoming a physical therapist and a track Olympian. I couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Fawzia K., Interdisciplinary Studies B.I.S.

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