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WSSU Foundation

In 1970, the Winston-Salem State University Foundation, Inc. was established as a private, non-profit organization that focuses on the long-term needs of the university and enhances the efficiency of its fundraising efforts. The two entities operate independently.

Our mission is to foster and promote the growth, progress, and general well-being of the university.

Local community members, alumni, and university administrators make up the foundation’s board of directors. The board oversees how the foundation raises money, invests donations, and distributes grants, of which WSSU is the sole beneficiary. It also advises and supports other activities of the foundation designed to further the interests of WSSU.

The generous support from loyal, enthusiastic alumni and friends of Winston-Salem State University are instrumental to the foundation’s growth. As funding support from the state of North Carolina continues to be constrained, the importance of private gifts as a revenue source grows.

Stories of Giving

To learn more, download our annual reports; view the impact at a glance that highlights college costs, student loans and the effect HBCUs have on college students; or check out our points of pride that set us apart from other universities.

WSSU 2012/2013 Strategic Plan Annual Report
WSSU 2014/2015 Strategic Plan Annual Report

The foundation also operates the Winston-Salem State University Housing Foundation, LLC, in efforts to assist in campus development and revenue generation. The WSSU Housing Foundation, LLC exists exclusively for the benefit of WSSU to lease, operate, manage, and contract for the construction of student housing facilities. Since its formation 2001, the foundation has supported projects that have added 1,100 beds to the campus including: