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Clinical Education

About WSSU DPT Clinical Education

The rigorous 3 year program challenges and develops students year round. A new class is admitted each January with completion of program requirements occurring in the 9th semester of the third year. Clinical experiences at over 200 affiliated sites are interspersed throughout the curriculum. Students spend a total of 36 weeks at four different clinical sites under the direct supervision of highly experienced and dynamic clinical instructors.

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The Department of Physical Therapy is committed to providing equitable opportunities for students to be able to demonstrate and implement clinical skills learned throughout the program, while serving across diverse patient populations and in a variety of clinical settings. External clinical partners are instrumental in providing valuable, educational experiences that allow students to not only practice learned skills, but also to evaluate and self-reflect on clinical decision-making, and to absorb constructive feedback from Clinical Instructors with expertise in that area of practice. Serving an essential role within the clinical education student experience, Clinical Instructors help to educate, mentor, and promote student growth into becoming qualified and distinguished physical therapists.