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WSSU Experience Abroad Application Packets

Phase One (1)

For all programs. Submit these first.

  1. Conduct and Disciplinary Approval Form- Submit this to Student Conduct, 303 Thompson.
  2. WSSU Experience Abroad Application Form- Submit this directly to OIP (the Office of International Programs, 111 Old Nursing) to 224 Hill Hall).
  3. Experience Abroad Recommendation Form (x 2) - Have two professors fill these out and then submit to OIP.
  4. Printout of your transcript from Banner - Submit directly to OIP.
  5. A 1000-word essay addressing the Study Abroad Application Essay Reflection Questions. Submit this directly to OIP.

Phase Two (2)

For students applying to non-WSSU programs (ISEP, UNCEP, AIFS, CIEE, SIT, etc)

  • Course Approval Form- Discuss this with your academic advisor, get all necessary signatures, and then submit to OIP. Instructions on how to fill out this form.
  • Provider a Letter of Acceptance - Submit to OIP a copy of this letter or email from your provider showing that you have been accepted into the program for which you have applied.
  • Copy of your flight itinerary - Submit this to OIP in person or by email as soon as you have made your flight reservations.

Phase Three (3)

For all programs. Submit these within three weeks of departure.

Additional Documents

(if requested by OIP)