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Featured Study Abroad Programs

Explore WSSU’s distinctive featured study abroad programs and pick the one that is perfect for you.


  • The program in Brazil includes lectures on race and culture, cultural activities, including samba, capoeira, other music and dance, and community engagement.
  • Host Institution: Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Study Center at Universidade Católica do Salvador (UCSal) in Salvador.
  • The program is open to all majors, but preference will be given to students enrolled in courses with Brazil content in Spring 2017 and students who have taken courses with Brazil content.

During this 14-day experiential program you will travel from Santiago de Cuba to Havana and experience: high-impact seminars, site visits and interactive discussions with scholars, activists, cultural workers about race, class, Afro Cuban history and culture.

Topics covered include:

  • Cuba’s global reach
  • Africa in Cuba
  • Cuba in Africa
  • The role of education in the Cuban Revolution
  • Religious life
  • Health care
  • Activism, arts and community engagement

The program is open to all majors.

a family of elephants having a walk

WSSU Kenya Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to promote knowledge and understanding of East Africa in a global context.

The program aims to expose students to the cultural, political, economic and linguistic diversity in East Africa.

Students will also experience the richness and diversity of Kiswahili language and culture.

The program is open to students in all WSSU schools and departments, with a particular emphasis on the humanities and social sciences, education, business and economics, and health sciences.