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Finding a Program

Finding a program can be the most exciting part of the study abroad process. The whole world is available for you to explore. There are a few things that you will want to consider when choosing a program:

  • Location: Consider locations that interest you or locations that will provide a unique experience.
  • Language: Generally speaking, summer programs focus on special topics and are taught in English. Some programs focus on language immersion. As for semester programs, there are many that offer courses taught in English. These are not only available in English-speaking countries, but also in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Austria, Korea, and Japan, to name a few. There are other programs that only offer courses in the native language, in which case there will be language requirements. Check with OIP for more information on this.
  • Cost: There are programs at various cost levels available, with exchange programs, such as ISEP and UNCEP, generally being the least expensive options.
  • Program of Study/Major: You will want to choose a program that will offer courses that are the equivalent of what you would normally take at WSSU. This will assist you in remaining on schedule with graduation.
  • Timing: Semester and Year programs offer the best opportunity for cultural and language immersion. However, summer programs also offer many shorter term programs when a semester program is not possible.