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Finding Your Perfect Program

Finding your perfect program can be the most exciting part of the study abroad process.  The whole world is available for you to explore. Here are some consider when choosing a program.

  • Cost - Some programs are more affordable than others.  Talk to an OIP staff member to explore your options.  
  • Location - Is there a place you’ve always wanted to visit?  Or a place that will help you on your career path? Consider those as options. 
  • Language Requirements - Some programs, especially thematic summer programs, are taught in English.  Semester and yearlong programs often require that you know the native language. 
  • Program of Study/Major - You will want to choose a program that will offer courses that are the equivalent of what you would normally take at WSSU. This will assist you in remaining on schedule with graduation. 
  • Length of Study Abroad - WSSU offers semester-long and year-long programs.  You can also do a summer program, an internship, or a volunteer program.  Talk to an OIP staff member to find out more.