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Early Assurance Program

Early Assurance Program (EAP), allows WSSU undergraduate students to be considered early for guaranteed admissions to Occupational Therapy Graduate program. Students may apply to EAP at the end of their junior year (May 30th deadline), and may receive letter of acceptance early in their senior year. Each year, qualified students will receive a letter offering admission into the designated first-year of the incoming class. Individuals accepting a position in the Early Assurance Program must maintain certain academic standards to remain eligible for their guaranteed seats in the entering class. The following eligibility requirements must be met before applying and maintained until fully accepted.

  • Fulltime enrollment at WSSU
  • Good standing at the university as evidenced by academic and interpersonal conduct
  • Earn and maintain a GPA of 3.4, both overall and in the prerequisites
  • Score a minimum of a 3.5 analytical score on GRE
  • Have completed at least 4 of 7 prerequisites at the time of applying. Remaining courses must be completed prior to starting the program
  • Complete TRC 3320 OT Prep undergraduate course with a grade of B or higher
What's Next?

Contact the Graduate Services Coordinator to receive:

  • The application packet
  • A recommendation form for acceptance which must be completed by a faculty member or your faculty advisor in your assigned undergraduate major.
  • Written Essay guidelines

*Prior to starting the OT program, proof of undergraduate degree award must occur and student must also submit final admission documents through OT Centralized Application System (OT-CAS) demonstrating they met all admissions criteria.

Department of Occupational Therapy Early Assurance Program
C/O Graduate Service Coordinator
437A F.L. Atkins
Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Accredited by:

The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE)
4720 Montgomery Lane, Suite 200
Bethesda, MD 20814-3449