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Multi-Media Technology Services (MMTS) provides technical support for multi-media technologies used for campus instruction, teleconferencing, distance learning and university programs, providing:

  1. Technical support to campus faculty, students, administration and staff for the selection, acquisition and utilization of state-of-the-art multi-media instructional technologies.
  2. Operational and technical support video-interactive / teleconference facilities on campus.
  3. Technical support for campus multimedia technology systems in instructional spaces — Support for video projectors, displays, and other classroom instruction technology.
  4. Campus Digital Signage
  5. A/V Production of Special Events and Live Streaming
  6. Campus Cable Access

Requests for MMTS services are submitted online via RAMTech Ticket using the RAMTech Portal

Instructional Technology Support

  1. MMTS provides technical direction and standards for the development, design and installation of multi-media systems for campus instructional and administrative spaces.
  2. MMTS coordinates the operation of campus multi-media systems (digital signage, classroom technology, etc.), as well as providing technical support.

Digital Signage

MMTS provides coordination and technical support of video displays in campus public areas via Four Winds and Rise digital signage software for announcements, events, stock market prices, room schedules, university-wide alerts and other campus-related information.