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RAM Access Management Portal

In an effort to strengthen our end-user security posture and to maintain alignment with state and UNC System audit requirements and industry best practices, the Office of Information Technology has implemented the RAM Access Management Portal (RAMP). RAMP is an exciting new capability for WSSU faculty, staff, and students. It is actually two systems in one. First, it allows single sign-on (SSO) access to applications that are configured for it (currently Blackboard and Student Email), and it also allows all campus users to change your current password, unlock your account, or reset a forgotten password. Each capability is described below.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

All of us have lots of accounts and passwords to remember, and sometimes it is hard to keep them straight. RAMP offers the ability to sign in once, and access any application that is currently managed by RAMP. For the time being, only Blackboard and Student Email (Office 365) are managed by RAMP, but in the future more applications will be added. The more applications that are managed by RAMP, the fewer times you will have to log in to individual applications!

Password and Account Management

RAMP can be used to manage your account in the following ways using the self-service portal located at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unlock your account
  • Reset a forgotten password
  • Change your password at any time (for instance, if you believe your account has been compromised)

Self-service account management portals are now common industry practice with several popular programs such as Google/Yahoo mail, banks, healthcare, and many higher education institutions.

From a user access perspective, this new way of logging in and managing your own password will enhance your login experience, enable you to have control of your user account, and help protect your identity. Be mindful that security requirements such as periodically having to change passwords, requiring unique passwords, etc., MUST remain intact for compliance reasons, but your ability to change your password yourself provides added flexibility to you.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are in need of additional assistance, please contact Technology Support Services at 336-750-3431 or submit a RAMTech ticket.